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Leaf Removal & Pick-Up

Showcase Lawn Works serves Chester County PA, Berks County PA and Lancaster County PA with expert leaf removal, leaf clean-up, and leaf pick-up for your home and business.

What we offer in our Leaf Pick-Up and Removal Service

  • Expert leaf Pick Up and Removal. Prompt service available to take care of your lawn 24 / 7 / 365 days a year.

  • Don’t let a lawn full of leaves destroy your lawn. We’ve got the right tools to tackle any leaf-covered lawn.

How Much Does It Cost?

Many new customers have asked us "how much do you charge" or "what does it cost to do my yard."  We have found that many people are actually trying to ask "how can I keep my yard looking its best without spending a ton of money ?"

We understand that everyone is not looking for the same "LEAF REMOVAL" job, so we have created 3 simple options to best suit your preferences and budget.  You will save money by paying for only the services and amount of detail that you want.

3 Options:

1)  Budget Leaf Removal (Simple, Basic Clean)  

Using gas powered blowers and hand held rakes; leaves will be moved and/or removed from lawn areas. Leaves in the flowerbeds will not be removed unless otherwise requested. 

2)  Mow, Mulch & Blow (Best Value)

Lawn will be mowed and leaves will be mulched into the lawn. (You get a mowing and leaf removal job at the same time!)

Mulching leaves is beneficial to the grass and adds organic material and nitrogen into the soil.  Mulched debris will disappear by Spring and is not harmful to the lawn unless it exceeds the depth of 1 inch. If you have a thick covering of leaves we recommend that at least some of the leaves are removed so it does not harm the grass.

Leaves will be left in the flowerbeds unless otherwise requested.

3) Full Service Clean Up & Winter Prep
(Clean, Professional Look)

Leaves will be removed from the lawn and flowerbed areas.

Perennials will be cut back and dying annual flowers will be removed.

A thin layer of mulch may be applied in the flowerbeds for an additional fee.  

This will help to insulate the soil and protect your plants and shrubs from the cold Winter weather.

**** Specials ****

For a limited time, call us today and schedule your Fall leaf pick-up removal pick up date and save money.

Money Saving Tips

  • Mow your lawn a little shorter for your final mowing service. Leaves can be removed faster if they are not stuck in tall and matted grass.
  • If your grass is taller than 4” we recommend the Mow, Mulch & Blow service (Option 2).  This offers you the best value. 
  • Have your leaves removed before it gets too cold.

    (Leaves that become frozen and matted down from rain / snow become difficult to remove. This can sometimes almost double the time it would normally take if the leaves were dry.)
  • Compost the leaves. (Mulch the leaves into the lawn or have us pile the leaves in a compost pile or blown into the woods. This saves you money on labor and disposal costs.)
  • It is always best to wait until Spring to remove leaves from flowerbeds.  Doing this will help insulate the soil and protect your plants and shrubs from the cold Winter weather. In late Winter / early Spring you will need to remove any thick layers of leaves that did not decompose so they do not suffocate the plants. Waiting until Spring to remove leaves from your flowerbeds saves on labor costs.

New Holland, Pennsylvania, United States
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